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Beautiful Lifestyle Newborn Session - Pittsburgh, PA

In case you are new to me or even new to newborn photography, I am going to share a little about Lifestyle Newborn Sessions. These sessions take place in the comfort of your own home. We use the spaces within your home; nursery, master bedroom, living room or even stair cases. Wherever we can find beautiful light to create the beautiful lifestyle images. I use my skills as a photographer to get you into poses that look great and then I move around you and the room, give some prompts and capture everything that is coming natural to you! These are amazing sessions that focus on parents, siblings, baby only and full family. I absolutely love these sessions because no two are ever the same!

It is never lost on me how truly special my job is. You are welcoming me into your home to capture some of the most amazing moments of you as a family! I first met this family for their son's newborn pictures almost three years ago. It is always such a great email or text to receive when a family is getting ready to welcome a second (or third or fourth) baby to the family and they want you to come back for another newborn session!

Last time I saw this family was for Tree Farm minis last year. As to be expected for the age, their oldest was a little shy and apprehensive. Fast forward to our session this week and we truly became BFF's. I was able to see all of his construction vehicles and he was extremely chatty about the plans for the day and making cupcakes (side note; 90% of the smiles were brought to you by saying the key word "cupcakes") With big brother being so open and inviting it truly made the session run so smoothly.

I love providing families with sneak peeks and this family is no different!




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