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Capturing Sweet Moments: A Lifestyle Newborn Session in Pittsburgh

In-home sessions are my favorite, especially for newborns since this is your comfort zone and where you will be making the most memories with your family! For an in-home lifestyle newborn session we go at the pace of your family and take breaks when we need to.

Time certainly goes by so fast and once you start having babies it goes by at warp speed! It feels like not that long ago that I was photographing this families first newborn session and somehow she is already two and they have welcomed a sweet little boy!

Newborn sessions are always a little different when you add a toddler into the mix and truly sometimes you just don't know what you will get. There have been times where toddlers don't want to be near the new sibling but in today's case, big sister was just the just the right amount of interested in her brother!

We had plenty of time for full family shots, sibling shots and solo shots of the newest member of the family. At the end of the session I was shocked to see that we flew through everything in just over an hour...which is kind of unheard of when there is a toddler in the mix. Now, I absolutely could have stayed the entire day and thought up to ways to capture sweet images of this family and even though I know them and they are friends, I definitely don't think they would have loved me hanging around with a camera in their face!

Once I wrapped up their session and ran home to upload their session and pick out some favorites to share! There are still so many to go through and I am sure I will find more favorites as I go through but here are some to start.




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