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Extended Family Session - Pittsburgh Studio

Winter months are hard for photography sessions here in Pittsburgh since the weather is just so unpredictable. Unfortunately it also happens to be when most families get together for the holidays and the time that makes the most sense for extended family sessions!

When the forecast came out with temperatures in the negatives I knew I was going to need the help of East End Lofts. There are two beautiful studios to choose from and since this was an extended family session I opted for the larger of the two spaces and it worked perfectly!

I am always so grateful that families choose me to capture their memories but it means so much when people that I have known for a really long time invite me into their lives to document their family. Truth be told; it also makes me extra nervous because I never want to disappoint.

Thankfully this family is so fun and laid back that it was a breeze! All of the cousins and siblings got a long and cooperated. It was basically a unicorn session that I hope to be able and copy/past for future sessions.

When narrowing down images for a sneak peak it was extremely difficult and I am probably over sharing but I just couldn't help it.




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