Hertel Family

This adorable family was my first for the fall season and we could not have asked for a better morning! Maybe a little on the sunny side but that is a topic for another day. We spent the morning exploring Gilfillan Farms which is located in the South Hills of Pittsburgh. It is such a perfect spot that lends itself to a variety of backdrops and we made use of all of them! The girls made me feel like I was right at home with my own kids. An older sibling playing parent but also wanting to do all the things the little ones does (if that isn't my life I don't know what is) and then a tiny tot that just wants to run free! These parents were so relaxed and just took everything is stride. Of course we stopped for snack breaks and boogie wipes but that's just part of the process! At the end of the day, I hope they got some good naps from the girls and also love the memories they made!

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