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In-Home Family Session - Pittsburgh

The weather is changing...and not for the better! Ok, maybe some people like the cold and that is fine but when it comes to family pictures, it can make for a not so fun experience.

When the temperatures started to drop this family decided to forego the outdoor session they had planned and bring everything indoors! It was the perfect solution for their 10 month old as the family was able to stay nice and toasty warm and be in the comfort of their home.

We started in the family room for some more formal pictures...meaning everyone was more dressed up! There happened to be a storm going through at that point so we did wait it out a few minutes just so we could get a little more natural light. We eventually made it up to the nursery where we were able to get a few more family shots. What I loved about this session is that yes, there are some images with everyone looking at the camera but it was absolutely lifestyle! So much of it was the parents interacting with their daughter and also just snapping images of where they play on a normal basis.

Indoor lifestyle family sessions are a great option if you just don't want to brave the cold!



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