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Late Pregnancy Studio Maternity Session - Pittsburgh

My general rule of thumb for maternity sessions is for them to take place between 30-36 weeks of pregnancy. Usually that is the sweet spot of having the adorable baby bump while also feeling comfortable. And of course, the old saying of rules are meant to be broken absolutely applies for maternity sessions. Especially when it is a family you have worked with before!

Life is busy and sometimes it slips your mind to book a session. When you work full time and have a toddler at home it is easy to forget or just to keep pushing it off but thankfully I have a hard time saying no and I was able to get this family in for a maternity session at 38 weeks of pregnancy! Mom had seen my previous studio maternity shoots and knew exactly what she wanted. I was move than happy to work with the look she was going for!

I wont lie, I was anticipating a text from the mom at any moment telling me that the baby arrived a little early and we would have to cancel the maternity session. Thankfully baby stayed put and we were able to get some absolutely beautiful shots.

Big brother may not have been feeling 100% but it didn't stop us from snagging those super cuddly moments with mom. As a mom of two myself I know that the jump from one child to two pulls on all the heart strings and I am so glad that we got so many moments for mom to look back on with her first baby.

I say it all the time but I really could have stayed at the studio all day long with this family. This sneak peek is just the tip of the ice berg of what they will be receiving. My apologies in advance for the gallery you will be receiving in the next week!




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