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Leyenaar Family

I made of a day of it at Gilfillan Farms last weekend. If you are not familiar, it is such a fun little spot located in the South Hills of Pittsburgh. The farm has to be reserved but there is a fantastic trail that loops around and is open to the public (no dogs though). It started out as a beautiful day and just got better and better as the clouds started to roll in! The Leyenaar's had a little bit of a drive to get to the farm so it's not surprising that their daughter fell asleep on the way. This made her a little hesitant for pictures when she woke up. No worries, big brother was ready to go and was not shy in letting me know right out of the gate he didn't like my first pose suggestion. This is all part of family photography and what keeps me on my toes! If you have a shy one then my goal will be to get them to smile...just one picture of them smiling and I am happy. Kids also always come with suggestions on how they want to pose and I love that because they will be comfortable and that is when their true personality comes out. They also teach me so what climates and environments snakes live in! Big brother had a wealth of knowledge on this subject and I think I might bring him to all my sessions to keep a look out. Here is a little peak from their session. Some of these may not be exactly what they would choose as part of their package but they are worth sharing because it shows the real life behind the poses!

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