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Lifestyle Family Session - Mellon Park, Pittsburgh

Lifestyle family sessions are the best! These are full hour sessions done at a location of your choice. That can be outdoors, studio or even in your own home. With lifestyle family sessions I typically start by posing you and that usually gets you your solid, everyone is looking at the camera, family photo! From there I get the details of just how your family operates...which is A LOT of movement especially if you have little ones! That movement typically creates some of my absolute favorite images because they aren't the "perfect" shot but they show the connection and the silliness of your family!

My suggestion for family sessions is always golden hour (if at all possible) because that is when you get the best, most dreamy light. The family in today's session took that advice and booked her lifestyle family session at Mellon Park for a 7:00 start...even with it being a first birthday WITH cake smash! That is dedication to getting all the details right! That, along with really taking the session prep guide to heart this family was 1,000% ready for their session!!

From the start of the session there was a little nervousness on how the three year old would cooperate and that is completely normal. You never fully know how your kiddos will react to a stranger following them around with a camera. I always let families know that their kids will generally listen to me and take direction from me a little more than they will from them. That is just the nature of it and please know that even as a professional photographer...the same rule applies for my own kids!

We quickly got the posed family shot out of the way and from there we ran around Mellon Park capturing candid, lifestyle images and I have to say they are exactly what I look for when I do a session! Fun and playful. I am sharing some of my favorites from their session and I hope you enjoy!



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