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Lifestyle Newborn Photo Shoot- South Hills, Pittsburgh

What is an in-home lifestyle newborn photo session? It is me coming to you and photographing your sweet new baby in the comfort of your home. It is rolling with the punches and working with super sleepy babies and wide awake babies and everything in between. It is pausing for a quick diaper change or feeding. It is capturing the sweet moments between the new parents and their newest love. It is freezing a moment in time as you hold y our entire world in your arms!

This family had a true lifestyle session! We snapped their beautiful pictures all while the plumber was in the kitchen working on the dishwasher. Hey, life happens and sometimes you have to double book.

While dad was getting everything squared away I started with mom and her sweet baby boy. The lighting in their home was beautiful and it really made for some amazing shots. As soon as dad was set, he walked in and told his wife how beautiful she looked and my gosh, that was the sweetest thing I have ever heard during the session (husband's take note!) From there it was a seamless flow with the parents and baby.

Even with a little guy that was cluster feeding and didn't want to be put down, we were able to get most of everything that I try for during a lifestyle session and I am excited to share some of my favorites with you today.




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