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Lifestyle Newborn Session Full of Personality!

Newborn sessions with older siblings usually vary between the older sibling being 100% obsessed with the new baby or not wanting anything do to with them. Age plays a little factor in this but the one thing that remains constant is that older siblings always have a mind of their own and are full of ideas on what they want to do during the session! The big brother for today's session was no different and I think we captured what a true lifestyle session looks like!

During this families Lifestyle+Wrapped newborn session we were able to get pretty much all of the shots that I normally go for but with an active four year old that has a dino obsession, we had to get a little more creative! We went outside for a few minutes, we got some shots of him with his dino puppet and of course we got a few of him and I taking pictures of each other. Between all of these moments we were able to capture some sweet moments of the parents with baby sister and or course baby sister on her own.

I am sharing some favorites from today's session so you can see that there is so much more to a newborn session than posed family members in front of the camera. Newborn sessions infused with your own families personality are the memories you with cherish!




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