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Lifestyle Newborn Session - South Hills, Pittsburgh

Newborn sessions typically take place within the first two weeks of a baby being born. The beauty of a lifestyle newborn session is that you have some wiggle room. Sometimes a delivery doesn't go as planned and the family needs a little extra time to recover or maybe baby arrived earlier than expected and you need a little time before you are ready to have me come to your home for your session. No matter the reason, I am happy to accommodate and schedule your session for when you are ready!

The sweet girl in today's blog arrived a few weeks early and mom and dad needed just a little time to finish the nursery and prepare for their session. One thing was certain, she didn't want to miss her big debut! Little Miss was wide awake for her session...or at least most of it. Don't let the sneak peek below fool you...she didn't miss much from her session. And guess what? That is 100% OK! We spent a little time on feedings and extra time on cuddles which is all time factored into a newborn session.

I am sharing some of my favorite's from their session last week and I hope you enjoy them!


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