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Lifestyle Newborn Sessions

In my last blog post I went over my most popular newborn package; Lifestyle+Wrapped!

Today I am going to talk a little bit about the Lifestyle Newborn package and really where it all began for me.

Immediately when I got into photography I knew I wanted to offer newborn sessions! My love for newborn photography started well before we had kids of our own during our four year wait to become parents. I knew that it was such an amazing thing to be able to offer new parents, the ability to capture those first few days at home with your new little one! You know those days, the ones where you are both fumbling with diapers because changing diapers is a brand new thing (even if you have older kids its like your brain re-sets for the second). The days when you yell (in a loving way) for your spouse to bring you water, or a snack or the remote because you are in the midst of cluster feeding and can't move. Now, obviously I don't capture those exact moments but you catch my drift. The early days of bringing home a new baby are the most exciting moments and I want all parents to have these memories to look back on!

Lifestyle sessions are just that, showing your life! I guide you into poses that will look good when I snap that shutter but during my sessions you will see that I stay in one spot for a little while longer and that is to let real life shine through. Maybe its something funny one of you say to each other that gets the genuine smile or maybe you are having a tender moment with your new little one and they burp or do other not so pleasant things that bring real life and real expression into the shots. These sessions usually take place in babies nursery, parents bedroom, living room or even a random window that is getting great light! We move around the house and pick places that are comfortable and relaxing to you. I may move furniture to get a great shot or better lighting but all of it will still showcase you and your new family!

During the lifestyle sessions we will get a mixture of parents and baby, siblings and baby, baby alone, and individual parent with baby. I have in my mind a shot list of everything I want to get while I am in your home but no two sessions are ever the same so you may see something similar with another family on my website or social media but the shots you get are 100% unique and 100% you!

Now that I went on and on about some of the feelings and emotion that go into a lifestyle session, lets go over some FAQ's!!

  • What should I wear? Neutral colors are always best! Nothing with logos or bold patterns.

  • Glasses or no glasses? This question normally comes up during a session and I always ask if people know you as someone that wears glasses or not. If they are new and not part of your identity yet, lets ditch them (assuming you can see of course). If you have worn them your entire life then keep them on, they are part of what makes you, you!

  • What should baby wear? I always say that a simple onsie is always good because it lets me see those tiny features of your new little one. During these cold winter months I do suggest little knit outfits or something similar. Neutral in color as well.

  • Should I turn all of the lights on in the house before the session? No, natural light is best. Prior to your session I will send a Prep Guide and opening up blinds is the first thing in the guide.

  • What if we don't have a nursery? Not a problem, there are still plenty of areas in your home we can do the shoot and some of my favorite sessions actually do not have a nursery.

As always, if you have any more questions or I can help with anything, do not hesitate to reach out. I am always happy to answer questions and help you pick a newborn package that is best for you and your family!



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