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Lifestyle+Wrapped Newborn Session

As promised, I am doing a deep dive into my different newborn packages and what they entail!

I figured I would start with my most popular package which is the Lifestyle+Wrapped session. This is a personal favorite of mine for a couple reasons. The first being that when I was looking for a newborn photographer for my kids this is exactly what I wanted! I wanted those beautiful candid shots that a Lifestyle session gave you. The ones that captured you in your element and also that beautiful nursery you spent so much time on! But, me being me I also wanted those sweet wrapped images of just my new baby.

I also love these session because I love the creativity of putting together different sets and wrapping your sweet baby in different wraps and adding a little stuffy if I can or a bonnet and making them look angelic!

Now that you know I cam up with this package let's talk about the session itself and how it flows.

The Lifestyle + Wrapped session is 100% in your home. I bring all props, lighting, wraps to you. I always joke that it looks like I am moving in but I promise that everything I bring is worth it! I create a mini studio right there in your living room, dining room, bedroom, really wherever I can set everything up!

We start this session with the Lifestyle portion and I always try and start around 9:30 in the morning when everyone is a little more fresh. It also allows for us to finish up with older siblings early enough so they can head of to school. When I arrive at your house (fully masked) I take a look at the different areas you are thinking you want your session and check out the lighting to see where we will get the best shots. Once we get going I get a mixture of family, mom and baby, dad and baby, mom dad and baby, baby on their own and siblings...if they let me.

When the Lifestyle portion is done I usually suggest that baby get a good feed while I set everything up and this is when siblings can head to school. I generally bring 2-3 setups with me and work through as many as possible. Once baby is fed and wrapped it's time to roll! I will enlist the help of mom or dad for different sets because babies safety is my number one priority and its always better to have a hand on baby since they are tricky little things that startle and we don't want them to get hurt.

That's it, that is how the Lifestyle+Wrapped session flows. These sessions usually take 3.5+hours to complete. After your session it takes about two weeks to get you your gallery but because I get just as excited about the session as you I always send a sneak peek within a day or two so you can see some of the awesome shots we got!

Now to the FAQ!

  • What should I wear? I always suggest lighter more neutral clothes. Nothing with bold patters or logos!

  • What should my baby wear? For the Lifestyle portion a simple onsie works great and allows me to capture those tiny features. A cute knit outfit or anything sentimental is great as well. For the Wrapped portion, nothing is needed!

  • What if we don't have a nursery? Not a problem! This happens quite a bit especially if it is a second child. We were guilty of this as well...our second little guy didn't have a room of his own when he was born. We can do family shots in the master bedroom, living room or really anywhere with great light!

  • What if baby is fussy? We roll with the punches and do as many breaks as needed. Part of the 3.5+hours mentioned is to take care of baby. Extra feedings and diaper changes are needed sometimes.

I hope you enjoyed this breakdown of my favorite newborn package! If you have any questions at all that I did not cover, please do not hesitate to contact me. I am happy to go over any questions you might have.

I look forward to hearing from you and capturing these sweet moments of you and your family!


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