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Milestone Sessions - 6 months and beyond!

Milestone photo sessions are something not many parents are familiar with. Of course they know about the newborn session and even the first year/cake smash session but those session in-between photo shoots are the ones that capture your littles one's personality as it is just coming through! These sessions are also sometimes referred to as "Sitter Sessions" because they usually happy around 6-9 months when babies generally start to sit on their own.

There are several ways you can capture a milestone session. One way is that you can always schedule a family session. A full hour session is great if you are looking to update family photos and we can put a real emphasis on your baby to capture all of those cute little things they have started doing like smiling, grabbing toes and maybe even blowing raspberries!

The next option would be to schedule a studio shoot. This is where I provide backdrops for you to choose from and also offer a client closet for your little one! These take place in my Mt. Lebanon studio on Saturdays and are the perfect way to put all the focus on your baby. For these sessions I provide a few props that can assist with sitting and to add a little bit of comfort but I do not go all out! The focus is on your little one and again, capturing those tiny moments and features. I want to keep these images classic and something that will flow with the décor in your home so you can display them for years to come!

Now, onto the big milestone...the first birthday! These are a milestone not only for your baby that is officially becoming a toddler but also for you. It took a lot of sleepless nights to get to that point and it's definitely time to celebrate! First birthday sessions can be done outdoors with or without a cake smash and for these sessions it can be a full family session. You also have the option of a studio session for the first birthday! These are reserved solely for the birthday boy or girl and can include a cake smash if you wish.

One more thing to note, older kids can have milestone sessions too! Each year is one to celebrate and it is always so fun to look back to see how they have grown.

If you are thinking that you don't want or need a full milestone session, I have you covered! One Saturday a month I will be hosting Milestone Mini's at my studio. This is a great way to get those images that you love but only taking 20 minutes out of your day. Find all the details for these sessions here on my website.

I look forward to seeing your little one for their next Milestone!



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