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New Lifestyle Family Location - Pittsburgh

Over the years I have had the opportunity to photograph families in so many locations throughout Pittsburgh. Pretty much any type of backdrop you are looking for I am able to find. Even with a guide that has 17 locations to offer I am always looking to add more!

This year I narrowed down three locations that I really wanted to try out. All three I have been to before but either the time of day I shot at wasn't my favorite or it was just so long ago that I wanted to test out what I have learned over the years and apply it to new sessions. For these three sessions/locations I offered a full family session at a discounted rate to my mailing list subscribers (another great reason to join the list if you haven't already!) This was a great way for some of my families to get their updated photos while also getting to try out a cool spot that isn't on my location guide...yet!

My first family that jumped on the opportunity is one that I have worked with for everything from newborn to first birthday to mini sessions. They were pretty flexible with which location I paired them up with so as more interest came through I made sure to select the spot that wasn't going to be too similar to what we have done before. The best option for them was Aspinwall Riverfront Park!

This is a big family with lots of personality! The biggest benefit of working with a family year after year is getting to know each kid and really understanding what they respond to best. In the past two years their family session game has just gotten better and better and I knew we would get some amazing images.

For these sessions I make sure to focus on each child individually and get as many combinations of parents/kids, kids/siblings and everything in between. With this session we also incorporated the families nanny that was getting ready to move on and we really wanted to make sure she had some amazing photos to remember her time with everyone.

On the evening of the session we were working with a mostly cloudy sky but we has a few pops of sun that made us all hurry and catch as many images in that beautiful light as possible. Aspinwall Riverview Park is an awesome little spot that not only gives you access to a dock for pictures but also gives that true Pittsburgh vibe with an old bridge that looks so cool and adds such a unique backdrop.

I am sharing a few of my favorites from this session and I am sure as I continue to edit I will find many more than I love even more!




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