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Options for Winter Maternity Sessions - Pittsburgh

Here in Pittsburgh Mother Nature loves to trick us a bit. She throws out some unseasonably warm days in February only to take it all back in March. If you are a mama-to-be you can find yourself wondering where you should have a maternity session. There are two fantastic options, the first being a studio session!

I know, when you hear studio maternity session you are thinking a space with lots of artificial lights, rolled out backdrops and big fluffy dresses. While all of that is great, that is not what a studio session is with me! The spaces I use for studio sessions are at East End Loft Studio. There are two studios in particular that I love to use. The first is Urban which gives a very comfortable apartment vibe with a sofa, fire place mantle and a bed. The next is Allure which is the space I am featuring in today's post. This space is fantastic. It has a couple cozy couches to use, lots of chairs, a moveable wall with two sides and several backdrops. Basically it is an extremely versatile space that produces such stunning images that I become even more obsessed after each session!

When my client and I chatting about where to have their maternity session she initially wanted to have it at home (hint, that is the other great place to have a winter maternity session!) but sometimes families want to keep that space separate especially if they will be doing newborn pictures there in the next month or so. I had time already scheduled at the Allure studio so I offered it and they were all set!

Because this is a first baby for the family and the session was just her and her fiancé, we had time for a couple outfit changes and really were able to play around with the space. Truly, if I didn't have a first birthday session right after I could have kept the parents-to-be there much longer!

As you look through some of the images I am sharing, please know that there are so many more options with this space.

If you are expecting and love the look and feel of this session I would be so happy to work with you!



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