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Pittsburgh Lifestyle Newborn Session - South Hills

Lifestyle+Wrapped newborn sessions are definitely my most requested. Those sweet sleepy babies all wrapped up is so hard to resist! I absolutely love these sessions but they do take time (about 3.5 hours!) and in a month as crazy as May we had to be a little flexible with scheduling to make sure we got both the lifestyle newborn session and also the wrapped session.

While May is always busy with the end of school events, sports and so many photography sessions, it was made just a little more hectic this year for me as my littlest guy is heading into kindergarten next year which means; orientations, screenings, and pre-k graduations...all of which take place during the work day. Thankfully the family in today's post was extremely understanding and able to split their session between two days to make sure I could make it to all the things!

I first met this family a little over two years ago on a dark and stormy day....true story! I have had the opportunity to photograph them several times since then and hold some very exciting secrets (that they were expecting and the gender of the baby). Not only being hired to photograph such amazing sessions but to be let in early on exciting new is truly an honor.

Since we had to split the session between two days we started with the wrapped session. Little guy was a perfect angel and super cooperative. The cooperation level was only made better as it gave me a chance to chat with mom and got to know more about her and the family. I of course ran home and edited some of the wrapped images because I knew they would be so cute! I arrived the next day for the lifestyle portion of the session. This is with the full family and it is always fun to see how older siblings interact with the new baby!

We spent most of the time in the nursery and master bedroom and mom even asked to incorporate a baby carrier that is part of dads family heritage. I absolutely love when families as for this. It is special and unique to your family and always such a special memory to have.

With some must-do items off my to-do list I was finally able to go through their full gallery and pull out some of my favorite lifestyle images for a sneak peek and so excited to share them with you here.




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