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Pittsburgh Lifestyle Newborn Session - Ward Family

As a photographer I meet new and potential clients all over the place; at my kids' baseball games, daycare, waiting at a location for my clients to arrive...the list can go on. Liz and Nate take the cake though on the most unique way I have met new clients! I never imagined that listing and selling our baby gear on marketplace would lead me to new clients!

Liz and Nate were in the market for a new-to-them stroller and we were selling ours since our then three year old had decided it was pure torture to be pushed around like royalty. When they came to get the stroller, Liz and Nate were so kind and personable that we got to talking for a little bit. I mentioned I was a photographer and was seeing a baby boom in February which is when they were due. Fast forward a few weeks and I received a text about booking a newborn session!

That brings me to today, their session day! They were just as nice and personable as I remembered and truly fun to be able to work with throughout their home.

Neutrals are my thing, they just make things easy. But, I have to say that the bold pops of color throughout the house were so fun and inviting and I was so excited to take advantage of all their home had to offer. Through the sneak peek you will see that even dad had to change his bold pink shirt at one point when we realized he matched the chair!

Sweet baby girl was not in a super sleepy mode and was mostly curious about what was going on...and also decided today was a great day to need extra feedings. We made it work with just a few stops throughout the morning for feedings which is exactly what the extra time in newborn sessions is meant for!

Such a great morning with a great little family and I am excited to share some of my favorites from their session!



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