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Proposal at Pitt!

OK, so maybe it wasn't exactly on the University of Pittsburgh campus but their love story started there seven years ago!

Usually my specialty is newborns but when one of your future clients refers you because their brother in-law is about to propose you definitely check your calendar for availability! Being asked to capture such an amazing moment is a photographers dream and I am so thankful that I was asked to be part of this moment for Dom and Ally!

Dom and I connected the day before he was about to propose to Ally and thankfully my calendar had an opening! I made sure to chat with him to insure that I had an idea of his vision and gave a couple ideas on how I would need them to be situated to make this work. Dom was so relaxed for someone about to propose and was easy to work with. He told me that him and Ally had placed a love lock on Schenley Bridge in Oakland but when they went back to find it it was either gone or just lost in the sea of locks left there since. His plan was to take Ally to dinner and then to Schenley Bridge where he would surprise her with a new lock and than that is where he was going to propose!

I loved this story but was also a little concerned for myself as far as how I would blend in on an open bridge! I decided to just go and see exactly what I was working with and figure out a plan while I was there. Being on the bridge I quickly realized there were so many locks. Some were your standard locks like you would see for a locker and others were extremely ornate and quite beautiful. I decided I would just try to look like someone intrigued by the locks and take pictures of them. In all honesty, I only needed that plan as they were walking up because as soon as Dom showed her the new lock to place on the bridge Ally had her work cutout for her trying to get it to lock through the fence. I am not quite sure how long it took but it was at least several minutes of Dom kneeling and waiting for Ally to turn around and see that he was proposing. When she finally did it was so cute and definitely brought tears to my eyes!

After the proposal we had some extra time to take a walk and get some pictures of the newly engaged couple and incorporate some of the different landmarks on the Pitt campus.

Here are some of my favorites from their session! I hope they enjoy them and I am so glad they have these to look back on to remind them of when the next chapter of their story began!



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