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Rainbow Baby Session!

Recently I offered a complimentary newborn session for a family that was expecting their Rainbow baby. If you are not familiar with the term, it is a baby that is born after the family has experienced a loss of a pregnancy or child. I offered this session in October as part of National Infant and Pregnancy Awareness Month and put a call out to women and their friends to share their stories with me for an opportunity to receive a complimentary newborn session. The stories I receive quickly made me cry each time I read them and I am so thankful to those women that felt safe enough to share their journeys with me.

You may be wondering why I was offering a complimentary session for such a specific group of people. For me, it was a way of giving back. The entire journey to motherhood was a long one for my husband and I and it was filled with ups, downs and loss. During that four and half year wait to become parents I became very connected with so many women through a online group; Moms In the Making and saw so often how many women went through the pain of losing a pregnancy. Offering this newborn session to a family that has gone through a loss is my way of making sure that those women and families don't suffer in silence.

Meet the DeShong family! They were nominated by a friend and I was so very happy to do this session for them. Not only was baby S a rainbow baby but their older daughter was as well. They were so laid back and easy going, it made doing the session a dream! Baby S decided to make a little bit of an early entrance into the world and was part of my whirlwind November schedule. Big sister wasn't the biggest fan of sitting still for pictures but usually that is the case. Thankfully I caught a couple sweet moments between her and her new little brother. They are adjusting happily as a family of four and so thankful to have their little guy home with them!

Thank you to the DeShong family for opening up about your story and inviting me into your home to help capture these memories for you!


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