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Sleepy Baby Lifestyle Newborn Session - South Hills, Pittsburgh

If you have followed along with any of my past newborn posts you know that I went through about a 4-5 month stretch of babies that were cluster feeding or were just wide awake! All completely fine and we always got some amazing shots but to tell the truth, I almost got used to it. To say the baby from my session this week was sleepy is a complete understatement!

I met the parents last month for their maternity session and we got some gorgeous shots of them before they welcomed their little guy. I always say that a maternity session is like an engagement session. Its a great way for me to get to know the family before the big day! Anytime I work with a family a family previously and I come into their home for a session it feels like I am coming in to visit old friends.

After mom showed me around to the different areas for the session we decided to start in the nursery. Little guy was so sleepy and cuddly in her arms that I said "ohhh, he's extra sleepy so let's get a few shots that I love and are best when they are sleepy". Well, that first sleepy shot turned into getting sleepy shots the entire session! I do think he woke up for a quick minute when we transitioned from lifestyle to the wrapped portion. Just enough to have a quick bottle though!

The session wrapped up in record time and I was so excited to go through and pick out some favorites to share.




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