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Spring Minis at Phipps - B. Family

Mini sessions are a quick 15-20 minute session. These are perfect for smaller kiddos that don't have a long attention span or the perfect way for a quick maternity session or even to just get a few updated images to display around your home and share with friends/family.

What a shock it was when I arrived at Phipps and saw my favorite spot gated off and under construction! Sometimes these little hiccups are a blessing in disguise since this really forced me to become acquainted with other areas that I normally wouldn't have used!

First Spring Mini at Phipps was an adorable family of three...but soon to be four! They arrived and I was blown away at how amazing everyone looked. Their sweet little boy was absolutely so personable and took direction so well and had the cutest little "cheese" smile. He made my job a breeze!

Without diving into their session too far, I found some favorites that I wanted to share!




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