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Studio Family Photo Session - Pittsburgh

Studio family sessions are a great way to get that in-home lifestyle feel but without having to tidy up your own home! The versatility of a studio is amazing. You get large beautiful windows, couch and living room area to work with and even a bed for those cozy cuddle shots for families with younger kiddos!

A family session wasn't the first priority for this family. Mom was actually most interested in a black and white personality session but since we had the studio for a full hour we figured we could get a little bit of everything. It has to be said, this may have been the silliest family I have worked with in awhile and I was 100% there for it! There were non stop giggles, some talking about boogers, maybe a couple fart jokes and a ton of silly faces. Sessions like these fly by because everyone (including me) is having a great time!

We started the session outside since there is a cool little spot with brick walls and and old bay door that created such a cool backdrop for some family and sibling photos. I didn't want to spend a ton of time out there but definitely wanted to incorporate the area in a couple of their images. Once we moved indoors we turned our attention to the personality portraits. If you are not familiar, these are all done in black and white and they are close up shots of kids making silly faces and showing different expressions; happy, sad, angry, etc.. These were so fun and got everyone laughing! We finished the session with different combinations of family photos. Full family, mom and kids only, dad and kids only, and siblings.

I was so excited to start editing these and it was so hard to narrow down favorites for a sneak peek but here they are and I hope you enjoy!



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