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Studio Lifestyle Newborn Photo Session - Pittsburgh

Access to a lifestyle studio for any photo shoot is a game changer! The studios are beautifully designed, clean, well lit and ready to go whenever you need. Whether you are intrigued by the studio option because you just don't want to get your home photo shoot ready or your house just doesn't have a ton of a natural light, there is no wrong reason to use the space!

When this adorable family reached out for a newborn session they had a couple requests; they wanted the studio space since their house didn't get great natural light and they wants to wait a little bit to do the session until their daughter was a couple months old. Both were OK by me!

It is so fun to connect with new parents during a session and hear stories of how pregnancy went and also how parenthood is going so far. Since my youngest is four I definitely haven't been in the newborn stage for awhile but stories of late night feedings and milestones always bring me back. Connecting with the parents in today's session was no different and it was such a pleasure to get to work with them today.

One of the things the mom was looking for from today's session was timeless pictures that she will cherish and I think we accomplished that and I am excited to share a little sneak peek from their session.




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