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Studio Lifestyle Newborn - Pittsburgh

When it comes to lifestyle newborn sessions, natural light is best and let's be hones, not all homes have great lighting. That is where the East End Loft studios can help! These lifestyle inspired studios are well decorated and well lit by beautiful large windows. They can be the perfect backdrop for your newborn session and don't even have to clean before your shoot!

When the above listed features of no cleaning and being well lit were give to the family in todays post, it was a no brainer to choose the studio for their newborn session. We started the session with some mom and baby images and then rolled into a quick feeding to get the little one settled. Of course big brother wanted to help which made for some adorable shots! After we got a few family shots big brother was ready for a break and a snack. Whenever there are siblings involved I try to allow for as many breaks as they need. We all know what it is like to try and get a two year old to do something they don't usually doesn't end well. So we flow with their little personalities...and maybe throw in a few bribes to get the shots we really really want!

Several breaks later we were down to the last shot needed...the sibling shot! This one was a little tricky because big brother didn't want to hold his baby sister or have his arm around her. He also was very adamant that he wanted to be laying down but on the pillow! Needless to say, it was a little tricky but I am thrilled that in the end we finally got the shot!

Working with newborns and toddlers bring so many variables into the mix but that is exactly what the extra time for a newborn session is used for, getting the tiny people comfortable and ready for their closeup! I am happy to share some of my favorites from their session.




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