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Twin Lifestyle Newborn Session - Pittsburgh

The best part about a lifestyle newborn session is that I come to you. It is tough in those first days to get a routine going, manage an older toddler and get everyone camera ready. Take the step out of the equation that is you driving to a studio and gain that time back for your family! Lifestyle newborn sessions happen in the comfort of your own home. Still longing for those adorable sleepy studio images of your baby beautifully wrapped and in props? Upgrade your session to a Lifestyle+Wrapped and get those sweet studio style images without leaving your house!

What's better than one adorable sleepy baby? The answer is two! What an exciting surprise it was to receive an email from the mama of this session to schedule a twin newborn session! You might be thinking that twins are definitely a surprise but that's not why I was so shocked. The truth is, I just saw this family not that long ago for their first newborn session. That's right, big brother is only 17 months old! While they are not my first family to have three under two, it is always interesting to see how the session plays out.

As you may have guessed, big brother was not super excited about posed family shots and that is 100% OK! We were able to capture so many beautiful moments for this family by getting down to his level and meeting him where he is most comfortable which was in his room, on the floor of the parents room and being able to climb on things. Oh, and we can't forget the quick breaks for snacks!

I have so many more images to go through from their session I had to pick out some favorites to share. While I get back to editing this beautiful session, enjoy the sneak peek below!



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