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Winter Wonderland Maternity Session

What a week it has been weather wise! It definitely made planning the maternity session a little more tricky but the snow made everything just pop!

After talking with my mama-to-be earlier in the week and discussing the potential for snow we decided on Bird Park in Mt. Lebanon for her maternity session. I have been there several times but never in the snow so I headed out the day before their session to pin-point the exact spots I wanted to take them too and also make sure that the terrain wasn't too much for her. Safety is always important but when you are talking about someone that is 7 months pregnant on snow packed trails it is even more important! It was so peaceful to head out and do a little scouting hike in the snow with my kids in tow!

This mama and her husband were champs during their session and I loved how everything turned out! I love the snow put I am also eager for spring and the beautiful backdrop all of the trees and flowers will provide!


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