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Wrapped Newborn Session

To close out the week I am going to go over the third and final newborn package I offer and that is the Wrapped package!

Some families don't want the lifestyle type session and want to focus solely on their new little. I am absolutely here for it! For this session I bring 4-5 setups/wraps and work through as many as little one will allow for. Usually a little bed, faux wood floor drops, definitely a basket and also my fuzzy fur! Throughout the session I will wrap in different ways that will allow me to get beautiful full shots of baby but also focus on those teeny tiny features.

For these sessions it will absolutely look like I am moving in based on everything I bring but I love to have options while I am there for several reason; the first being that I need to be able to switch things up a bit if baby isn't loving a certain prop. This could be due to reflux or even just a bloated belly. I need to be able to do things that are comfortable for them. The next is that spit-up happens!! I need a backup just in case a wrap isn't salvageable for the session.

There is an option to add on parent/sibling posed images as well. For this you would select a backdrop color based on the few options. During the session I pose parents individually and together with baby. This way you have the beautiful family portrait to hang in your house and share with grandparents!

Let's talk FAQ's for a wrapped session!!

  • How big of a space do you need to set up everything? The bigger the better but I can get everything to work in a 5x5 space if need be. I generally ask that the space is ready to go when I arrive.

  • Do you need my wraps for this? Nope! I bring everything needed for the session including a sound machine on my phone!

  • Do I get a say in what colors you bring? Absolutely! I do not want to use props or wraps that won't go with your aesthetic. Prior to your session I send a questionnaire to get input on colors so I know what to bring. If you have seen specific images on my website or social media of certain things you loved, let me know and I can add the info to your profile and bring that to your session.

  • My baby is already a couple weeks old, can you still do a wrapped session? Yes! I will ask that you try and keep baby awake for a little bit before I get there but the beauty of wraps is that once they are all snug they generally fall asleep quickly.

  • My baby HATES being wrapped. I don't think this would work for us. My wrapping techniques are not the same as what you learn in the hospital from the nurses. I have done countless training sessions to learn how to wrap and also have a doll to practice on at home! I have specifics wraps I use to get baby nice and secure in the wrap and once they feel snug as a bug in a rug they fall right asleep!

That wraps up all of the newborn sessions I offer (pun intended!) As always, if you have any questions at all please do not hesitate to reach out.

I look forward to working with you and your family to capture these beautiful memories for you!



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