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Beautiful In-Home Lifestyle Newborn Session - Pittsburgh

Wow, it has been a minute since I have had the time to do a blog post about one of my sessions! Busy season has come to a close and while I had so many amazing families I could have/should have blogged about, there just wasn't enough time in the day. What better way to jump back into it though than by sharing a beautiful in-home lifestyle newborn session!

Walking into someones home after they just welcomed a baby is such a special thing and I am always truly honored to be a part of something so amazing! As I do with all newborn sessions, I send a prep guide with suggestions on how to prepare for the morning of your session. Families can do everything to a T but it is always up to the baby on if we are following the suggestions or not! For the most part, this sweet little guy was cooperative and ready to go. He just did not want to sleep!

Usually even if the baby isn't super sleepy I will get them to doze off a couple of times once they are wrapped and fed. Not this guy, he was 100% curious about his session and didn't want to miss a moment of it. Thankfully he was content (mostly!) so we just started with my flow and snapped away. The best part of an awake baby is how many amazing eye contact images you can get and he did not dissapoint.

While we didn't get the sleepy images for this newborn session we absolutely were able to get beautiful shots with mom, dad and baby. Images that I know they will look back and reminice about their tiny little guy!

A quick run through of their session and I was able to pick out a few favorites to share.




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