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First Birthday - Studio Style - Pittsburgh

As Pittsburghers we know that April is still all over the place for weather. One minute you can be wearing shorts and the other you are back to getting out the heavy jacket. It can definitely make planning first birthday pictures a little tricky but thankfully there are several options to choose from which I go over here. The family for last weekends session chose Urban at East End Loft Studios and it was so fitting since they had their maternity session for the birthday boy in the same space!

What an amazing journey I have been on with this family and I am so truly honored to be a part of so many beautiful moments. It all started when I did their first maternity session just about 2.5 years ago! Three kids later and we have been through so much haha! Extra shy phases, extra friendly phases and of course sleepy newborn phases for all of them. It is so fun to see their personalities develop and man did it melt my heart when I got hugs at the end of their session!

Photographing three little guys all two and under absolutely keeps me on my toes. While you will see a lot of lifestyle in their sneak peek below you also get those moments where everyone is looking and it is a little more of a posed portrait. Both are beautiful and both show the amount of love this family has for each other.




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