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Capturing Unforgettable Moments: Lifestyle Newborn Photography in the Midst of Unpredictable Pittsburgh Weather

Usually in-home lifestyle newborn session I rarely think twice about the weather. You head to the families home and capture beautiful shots of them with their new baby and you head home to start editing some of that cuteness you just captured. That is until the forecast calls for massive amounts of rain the entire week with one day in particular (the families session date) having thunder storms all morning.

Usually I touch base with the family the night before their session to make sure they don't have any last minute questions. In this case I had to touch base to come up with a game plan since I had a feeling that the weather just wasn't going to cooperate and it would be too dark for the lifestyle portion. Thankfully both myself and the family had a little flexibility in our scheduled and we were able to split up their sessions; I would do their wrapped images as planned and then come back for the lifestyle.

So glad we had this plan, the initial session date turned out to be so dark all morning. Yes, my camera could have handled it but it wouldn't have been anything near what I like to deliver to the family. Their sweet little boy was a true rockstar for both sessions. For his wrapped images he was nice and sleepy which is what I love and then for his lifestyle session we were able to get some amazing awake shots while also some sleepy images as well.

While we did have to stop a couple times during the lifestyle session because little guy was hungry, that is just sometimes how these sessions roll. We stop to take a quick break for these feedings (or I am happy to get nursing shots at well) this is the time when I get to know these families the most. We have that time to sit and chat and also it gives me a moment to think about the images we already got and what I also want to get!

While it definitely is not the norm to split these Lifestyle+Wrapped sessions into two days, it worked beautifully and I am loving some of the sneak peak shots that I am sharing today.




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