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Family Photography with Older Children

When our children are younger it feels like scheduling a family session is always front of mind. Rightfully so, they are changing so much! They are going from baby to toddler to little kid in what feels like the blink of an eye.

Just because your kids are bigger and more independent doesn't mean you need to forget about capturing those family memories. Yes, they may be more vocal about not wanting to do family pictures but the reality is is that they are still changing so much and going from little kid, to big kid, to young adult and eventually full on adults!

When I realized the Devlin families kids were older I was thrilled! It isn't often I get to photograph older kids and to be honest it was an odd feeling not to bribe the kids to stand in one place or to even chase them around to get one decent shot. You may not get the close cuddly images like you do when your babies are little but when I can catch that genuine smile between parents and their kids it makes my day!

Now that we established why it is still important to schedule those family sessions even with older kiddos, lets talk a little bit about location. Being that they do yearly pictures the Devlin family has kind of done it all; parks, fields and even studios. Mom wants something a little different and saw a shoot I recently did in Downtown Pittsburgh and wanted that look so we made it happen! Had she wanted any of those other backdrops for her family pictures I still would have her covered. When you book with me I provide a location guide that offers over 15 locations in and around Pittsburgh. Something for everyone!

I hope to hear from you soon to book those family sessions with your older children!



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