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First Birthday Family Session - Peter's Lake

First birthday sessions are always so fun and can be done a million different ways! A cake smash isn't required and it doesn't have to be just about the birthday boy/girl. My favorite first birthday sessions are always ones that incorporate the entire family! Whether it is for your first child or fifth, your life changed in so many amazing ways in that year and a first birthday family session is a fun way for everyone to celebrate!

Gosh, it feels like just last week that I was welcomed into this families home to capture memories as they welcomed their second son. It is always amazing to hear from the families and schedule a first birthday session and it is always so fun to see how much they have changed in that year.

Birthday boy was so happy...I mean maybe the happiest baby I have seen in awhile with a smile that was infectious! It was such a treat to see the bond that was already there between the brothers and also just how much joy he has brought to the family.

Here are some of my favorites from their session at Peter's Lake.




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