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In-Home Lifestyle+Wrapped Newborn Session - Pittsburgh

Lifestyle+Wrapped newborn sessions seemed to slow for the fall but they are in full swing again after today's session! The in-home lifestyle+wrapped newborn sessions are always a big hit. These sessions combine the coziness of a lifestyle session with the beautiful studio style wrapped images all in the comfort of your own home!

It feels like just yesterday I was meeting this sweet family for the first time as they welcomed their baby girl home. Fast forward a short 22 months later and I pulled up to their home again to help capture more memories as they welcomed their second little girl

Newborn sessions with a toddler tend to be a little more busy but you also get some amazing shots that you just wouldn't have the opportunity to get without them there! We definitely make time to stop for quick snacks and in today's case a quick break for me to read a book. While these sessions are technically all about the new baby they are unofficially all about the older siblings.

It's a snowy afternoon and what better way to spend it than to peek through their images and edits some favorites to share with you!




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