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Inspiration for an Indoor First Birthday Sessions

It's winter and you are now trying to figure out the best option for your baby's first birthday session. I know the colder months can make things feel more limiting but I am here to give you some ideas and options for an amazing first birthday session. But first, lets breakdown these sessions and go over the multiple options!

To start, I love a first birthday session and I love it even more when parents and siblings are involved. While this is absolutely a celebration for your baby that has grown so quickly and achieved so many milestones its also a celebration for you! You have learned and grown this last year too and what better way mark the occasion than to jump in those pictures with your not so tiny baby! By no means do you have to be a part of the session but just something to consider.

For first birthdays there are several things to consider; 1. Do you want it to be just of the birthday boy/girl or do you want the full family? 2. Do you want a cake smash? 3. are you thinking indoors or out? In the spring, summer, fall months outdoors is great but once winter hits it is best to stick to indoors to make sure to keep the kid(s) as happy as possible. And now this is where I go over some great options for those winter babies.

Studio Session

I use East End Lofts for all of my indoor studio needs. The spaces are well decorated and provide so much amazing light which makes these sessions photograph beautifully! There are two studios I suggest in general and those are the Urban Love and the brand new Allure Loft. Please note that there is a small fee added to your session for these spaces.

Urban Loft

This was the first studio in the East End I fell in love with. With the neutral pallet and the furnishings that make it feel like a well decorated home this makes for a cozy/comfortable vibe for a first birthday session.

Allure Loft

This is a brand new studio that just opened in October of 2023. This studio is all about versatility! With a white brick wall, concrete floors a movable wall with a blue and pink side and white flooring this space is a dream to work with! This space gives you the ability to really customize your first birthday session.

In-Home Session

If a studio session isn't your jam, no worries! In-home sessions are great and truly can be so special especially if we worked together for your newborn session and we used your home as a backdrop.

There you have it! Of course I am happy to work with you and customize these sessions as much as possible. As always, feel free to reach out if you have any questions. I can't wait to help celebrate such an amazing milestone with you!



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