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Lifestyle Newborn Session - Pittsburgh

Lifestyle newborn sessions are a popular option and for good reason! They incorporate your cozy, comfortable house and some of your absolute favorite people!

Below I am going to share how a typical lifestyle newborn session flows when you work with me.

Prior to your session you will receive a wardrobe and session prep guide. These are helpful to get not only you but also your home ready for your session.

My lifestyle newborn session are scheduled within the first two weeks after delivery and start first thing in the morning. Well...maybe not first thing, I do want you to have some coffee before I get there! I generally get to your home by 9:30 and your session will last about 1.5 - 2 hours. The reason for the earlier start time is that I have found over the years that parents, baby and siblings are usually more rested first thing in the morning. There is also extra time built into newborn sessions to accommodate feedings, diaper/wardrobe changes, and older siblings that may need a little extra convincing to cozy up to their new sibling!

When I first arrive to your home I will get an idea from you as to which rooms you want to use for the session. The most common area being the nursery and parents bedroom but the living rooms, kitchens and even staircases have been used as a backdrop before. Wherever you feel most comfortable and always which rooms allow for the best light! We will move around your home and do a series of shots in each location that we use. Throughout the morning we will focus on full family shots, individual shots of each parent/sibling with baby and then baby all by themselves. This is where detail shots will come into play and we will capture those tiny little features. While I do get some images of everyone looking at the camera I focus more on the connection of the family. The small looks between parents, how you gently hold those tiny feet in your hands, the giggles when the dog acts like the photo shoot is for him! I promise, nobody knows what they are doing for their newborn session which is why I gently guide you through different prompts. Some may feel awkward and not like something you would normally do but those usually turn out to be your favorites!

Occasionally babies are very alert and don't want to sleep for their session. Do not worry, this happens and it does not mean the session wont be great. Just the opposite, you may get some amazing eye contact images that you would not have gotten otherwise! If baby is fussy, that is a different story. At that point I do suggest a feeding and also, I do bring wraps along to help get baby nice and cozy. Wrapping usually will help baby fall right asleep. Doing a simple wrap on baby is also great for sibling shots. This will ensure that you don't have a wiggly baby in the arms of a toddler!

And there you have it, a lifestyle newborn session! I truly hope this helped shed some light on how a session flows and also answer any questions you may have. Of course, if there is anything I didn't touch on that you still are not sure about, please let me know.

I look forward to hearing from you and schedule a newborn session with you!

But wait...there's more!

Not in love with the space you have for a lifestyle session or maybe you don't want to prepare your house for a session? Not to worry, studio space is available for lifestyle newborn session and a great option to get the cozy home feel. For a small rental fee, this could be a wonderful option for you!



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