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Lifestyle+Wrapped In-Home Newborn Session - South Hills, Pittsburgh

The lifestyle + wrapped in-home newborn sessions are perfect for those families that love the beauty of the casual lifestyle session but also want to see their new baby all wrapped up in beautiful props! These sessions do take a little longer but the end results are amazing and you will have images you will be thrilled to look back on.

It is a known fact that babies come in all sizes with all types of temperaments. Some are extra sleepy and are perfectly happy all curled up in your arms while others don't want to miss any of the action. For the mamas that worry they won't have a beautiful gallery if they don't have that super sleepy baby, I am here to let you know that you absolutely will!

This tiny, 5lb peanut was all about taking in her session! I wouldn't say she was fussy but I would say she was vocal and wanted you to know she was there. When babies get in this mode it can feel overwhelming for the parents because they just want their newborn session to go smoothly. They have dreamed and thought of all of the perfect memories they would capture for the last several months. While my tricks of feeding, swaddling, sound machine, rocking didn't get her into a nice deep sleep they did help to at least get a few sleepy images.

When it came time to switch over to the wrapped portion of the session I for sure thought that as soon as she got all bundled and wrapped that would be the ticket, the wraps would be what put her into that deep sleep...and they did but not without a little fight!

I am sharing some of my favorites from this session and as you can see, we have a mixture of awake and sleepy images and all of them are beautiful!



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