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Maternity Session at East End Loft Studios - Pittsburgh

Maternity sessions are an absolutely favorite of mine. It is taking a moment when you don't feel at your best to celebrate the amazing and beautiful thing your body is doing which is creating a new life! If you are on the fence with booking a maternity session, take this as your little nudge to do it!

It's winter and its cold. Nobody can deny it! While outdoor maternity sessions this time of year are absolutely doable and are beautiful I will never argue with you if you want to do an indoor session this time of year. And thankfully I have two amazing spots for studio maternity sessions! For last weekends back to back maternity sessions we used Allure Loft. It was my first time in the space for a maternity session but it absolutely did not disappoint.

Unfortunately for this sessions the dad-to-be was on call for the date we could get to work but that just left more time to focus on Allie! And something to keep in mind is that if your spouse/significant other truly does not love pictures and you know they wouldn't be into it, just remember that you can absolutely have a session all to yourself!

Because we were only working with mama-to-be we had lots of time so I suggested a cute casual outfit and maybe something a little more dressy. Both options Allie brought were perfect and fit so well with the space. This studio lends itself to so many backdrops options. We had so much fun (or at least I did!) trying out the different areas and seeing what works best.

It was really hard to narrow down my favorites and I am sure even more will pop up once I really dig into editing the gallery. For now, here are some amazing shots from this maternity session.




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