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No Nursery? No Problem!

I received an email from Libby inquiring about a newborn session. She let me know that Baby M arrived a little earlier than expected and was already here! I let her know that was not a problem and was able to get them booked for the following week.

I could tell from the emails that Libby might be the sweetest person out there and even better...her and her husband are from Australia so she has the best accent! They are here for the foreseeable future while Adam works on a local project. She was a little worried that they did not have a formal nursery set for Baby M and was curious about how it would look. I reassured her that you do not need an elaborate nursery or a mansion to have a beautiful session.

As I was going through their images and editing I could just feel the connection and love this new family of three had for each other. I am so glad I had a chance to meet them and capture such a beautiful time in their lives. It didn't matter that they did not have a nursery fully decorated for their little guy. We worked around their house and used the spaces they had! Yes, I moved things around a bit but the simplicity of their session was also what made it so beautiful. Nothing to distract. Full focus on the happy new parents and their handsome little boy!

Below are some of my favorite images from their session but to be honest, I could have added so many more! The first was a special request by Adam and I was happy to add this into the mix for them!

Lifestyle Newborn Session


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