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Twin Lifestyle Newborn Session- Mt. Lebanon

Lifestyle Newborn sessions are some of my absolute favorite! They showcase your newest little one(s) in a place that you are most comfortable. I love walking through the families homes and finding sentimental items to incorporate in the session and even fun little nooks throughout the house to capture a sweet moment.

When the mom reached out for a lifestyle newborn session I was excited because I love twin newborn sessions! Maybe because they don't happen super often or because it's two squishy babies instead of one. Either way I am always game for a twin newborn session! I was also extra excited because the family lived only two blocks from me.

The session day was of course one of the dreariest Pittsburgh days so finding the right/enough lighting was a challenge but as we moved through the house and some of the clouds lifted we definitely found some great spots! One of which was right in the stairwell. Combining the old Mt. Lebanon character of the house, a beautiful antique mirror and the best directional light I could ask for and it was pure much so that I shared two of the shots I got there in the sneak peek!

And remember how I said I was excited they lived only a couple block away? Well, that came in very handy because as soon as I got home I realized I forgot to grab a couple of my favorite shots. A quick text to make sure the family was still home and I popped right back over to get what I missed.

These cuties definitely lived up to how a normal twin session goes; one of the two always awake! It was so great to meet the family and I am thrilled to share some of my favorites.




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