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Twin Newborn Session

They say there is a first time for everything and that was definitely true for me this week! It was my first time for a twin newborn session and it did not disappoint!!

It may have been the hardest I have worked at a newborn session ever but I loved every second of it. The challenges of getting two babies on the same page at the same time is not for the faint of heart and I saw a glimpse into the reality of what these new parents taken on day to day!

This ended up being a Lifestyle/Wrapped session (one of the packages I have to choose from) which means that I brought the studio to them and they were able to get the best of both worlds with the casual lifestyle feel for their family pictures and then the cute and snuggly feel for some of the twins' pictures.

Part of what made this session so great was the parents themselves! They were eager to jump in and lend a hand with spotting the babies when need be and they were very receptive to the back and forth nature of this shoot between posed shots and then lifestyle shots.

There were so many combos of pictures we needed to get for the parents and babies and we were definitely down to the wire getting everything before they needed to leave for a checkup but thankfully we all pulled together and got everything done!

As I started going through and culling their session it was so hard to get rid of some of the images. I am in love with how they turned out and so excited for these brand new parents to have these memories to share with family and friends!

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