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Wrapped Newborn Session - Pittsburgh

The wrapped newborn session is a perfect option for you if you just love those cute baby in prop images! This session solely focuses on baby and does not include any family shots...well, sometimes we can get a pet to jump in for a couple images!

I am going to share with you today a quick rundown of how a wrapped newborn session flows.

To start, these sessions take place in the comfort of your own home. I know, that's huge!! In the first few weeks of bringing baby home you quickly realize that leaving the house isn't quite as easy as it used to be. Everything seems to take ten times longer! By me bringing the studio to you it saves you time and allows for a more relaxed morning.

Prior to your newborn session I provide you with a prep guide to help get the space ready for the in-home studio I bring. I also provide a questionnaire where you will provide any color requests for wraps as well as prop requests. This is so helpful to ensure you get images that you love. I personally always love when families do screen shots of my past sessions to further clarify what looks they are leaning towards.

Wrapped newborn sessions, just like all of my other session start at 9:30 and take 2 - 2.5 hours from start to finish. I have found over the years that morning sessions for newborns just work best as baby is generally more rested and not overstimulated. As soon as I arrive I start setting up the "studio". I bring lighting, backdrops, props and all of the wraps. Setup time takes about 15 - 20 minutes. During this time I usually suggest one last feed for baby so they are nice and full...and sleepy! Once everything is setup, we are ready to go.

I bring enough wraps and props for 4-5 setups. This ensures variety in your gallery. Generally speaking, as soon as I get the first wrap on baby the sessions move pretty quickly. We can absolutely pause a session for a feeding or diaper change but you will see that the wraps keep little one nice and sleepy. Throughout the session parent's can sit back and relax for the most part. I will ask from time to time for help and this is just to ensure safety of your baby if I am not right in front of them.

Once we have gone through all setups I start the process of packing everything up! This takes another 15-20 minutes and that is it! Your wrapped session is complete and next steps are to get you your beautiful gallery.

Interested in a wrapped session for your little one on the way? I would love to work with you!



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